Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) are institutions of higher learning that were originally established to educate and serve African-Americans during the period of segregation. Many were founded because most predominately white institutions (PWI's) prevented blacks and other minorities from enrolling simply based on the color of their skin.

Overcoming these challenges and creating our own schools, proud HBCU institutions have produced brilliant scholars, global influencers, world-class athletes, renowned musicians, leading educators, medical professionals, talented artists, innovative scientists, political heavyweights, media giants and a host of other outstanding leaders in their field. Proud HBCU alums have impacted every facet of society.

HBCU Alum LLC was founded in 2017 by Tennessee State University alum Terrence G. Caldwell. The platform is a dynamic small business that celebrates the rich heritage of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Our brand is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of students, alumni, and the positive aspects of the Black College experience. Through engaging social media platforms, we provide news, resourceful information, and inspiring stories of HBCU achievements, fostering a vibrant community of HBCU supporters.

In addition, we offer a diverse range of exclusive apparel that not only represents the HBCU pride, but also helps support our annual HBCU-Bound Scholarships. These merit-based financial awards are designed to encourage talented high school students to consider HBCUs as viable choices for their higher education journey. At HBCU Alum LLC, we are passionately committed to promoting HBCUs and empowering the next generation of HBCU scholars.


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